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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 23, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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the news at 11:00 starts right now with breaking news. i'm garvin thomas in for terry mcsweeney. within the past hour we have learned a san francisco sheriff's deputy has tested positive for coronavirus. right now all we know is that deputy was assigned to county jail 4 at the hall of justice. so far no reports of any inmates contracting the virus. testing is at the heart of our other top story. in a matter of hours a new testing center is opening in the east bay. this one open to anyone and free. it's a different situation than just a week ago when test kits were particularly hard to find. nbc bay area's li lichli tan is
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hayward to show us what people and authorities can expect tomorrow. >> reporter: thousands of people are expected here tomorrow and throughout the week all trying to get in here. take a look at one of the covid-19 testing tents. this is where people will come to be screened and if they're showing any symptoms like fever, cough, or shortness of breath they'll be tested. >> my understanding there should be thousands of people. >> reporter: tonight security guards are guarding precious real estate. monday morning the first ci city-run covid-19 testing center in the bay area launches in hayward. anyone from any city can come, regardless of immigration status. >> honestly, i think it's really good. >> reporter: noah jay is taking care of his 93-year-old grandmother. >> with the bay area going and all the shelter in places it's a good idea to stay proactive. >> reporter: the testing center will have between 200 and 350 test kits available per day.
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provided by menlo park's avalino labs. a potentially game-changing new option as the country works to boost testing. >> this testing center will be available for anyone who is exhibiting symptoms of the covid-19 virus. and so first responders and health care responders. >> reporter: once a paramedic swabs a potential coronavirus patient's nose and throat, they'll send the sample to menlo park to be tested. results will be ready in 6 to 12 hours. according to melanie ott, who is working on a rapid covid-19 test, it's going to get worse before it gets better. >> so everybody who got infected before the shelter in place order will come, will become symptomatic now or in the next week. so we will see a lot more cases that will arise. but that means there are a lot more infectious people around that we should stay away from. >> reporter: now, the city set up the testing center in order to take pressure off hospitals
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and to get anyone who tests positive into isolation quickly. doors open at 9:00 tomorrow morning. we're live in hayward. lili tan, nbc bay area news. >> it will be interesting to see what that looks like in the morning. thank you so much, lili. well, napa makes nine. all nine bay area counties have now confirmed coronavirus cases. totaling more than 700 across the bay area. well, today napa county added its first two cases and santa clara county surpassed 300 cases. two more people have also died in the south bay, which brings the total deaths in that county to ten. all of california as you know is under a stay at home order. in marin county, though, the message is stay away. the county is closing all parks to slow the spread of covid-19 after visitors from all over the bay area flocked to marin's scenic spots this weekend. a few of the larger parks affected, muir woods, point reyes, and mount tam. but this closure applies to all town, city, and county parks as
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well as open spaces. the one exception, people can still use paved pathways maintained by the county as long as they maintain social distancing. a similar anger is mounting along the coast, which was overrun by people trying to get some fresh air this weekend. a group stood with signs urging those who don't live there to turn around. locals worried about the risks these visitors bring with them. >> no one is safe from this thing. we all have to assume we are asymptomatic carriers, and it is completely unfair for people to come here to get away from their quarantine. >> in nearby stinson beach someone posted these flyers. "if you don't live here go home. you're putting us in danger." while residents want everyone to clear escape the house while the weather is good. federal help is heading california's way to help fight the coronavirus crisis. earlier tonight president donald trump approved governor gavin
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newsom's request of a presidential major disaster declaration. the move opens up multiple channels of federal assistance for californians including mass care, emergency assistance, crisis counseling and legal assistance. the federal government is also footing the bill forever california's national guard activation. and the u.s. navy hospital ship "mercy" is on its way to los angeles. the president tonight offering assurance to all americans in these trying times. >> we're enduring a great national trial. and we will prove that we can meet the moment. i want to assure the american people that we're doing everything we can each day to confront and ultimately defeat this horrible invisible enemy. >> one key to battling that invisible enemy, accurate information on the number of confirmed cases. vice president mike pence said the government hopes to clear the backlog of tests waiting to be processed by wednesday or thursday. more than 12,000 tests are
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awaiting results currently in california. now, spaking of the national guard, tonight in our coronavircoron coronavirus crisis center we want to clarify the guard's role. guard leaders offering an update, saying that just because guard troops will now be paid by the federal government that does not mean they're under federal orders. they remain under state active duty, which means governor newsom determines how they will help. so far guard soldiers have been helping distribute food. while troops can perform law enforcement duties, they have not been asked to do so. california guard leaders are firmly pushing back against rumors that units are preparing to enforce shelter at home orders or enforce some kind of martial law. in san jose law enforcement is expected to start citing business owners tomorrow who are supposed to be closing up shop. before now teams of san jose officers have been hitting the streets warning shops they need to close. so far more than 50 stores have received that warning. that includes a pool hall, 14
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hair salons, a car wash, and three gyms. now to what could be the next step in social distancing. grocery shopping from your car. a group of south bay businesses are offering just such a service starting tomorrow. nbc bay area's roz plater is live from los gatos to explain it all. roz. >> reporter: well, the idea comes from the owner of flights restaurant behind me here. he believes it's a pioneering concept. he likens it to drive-thru mcdonald's but with groceries. they want to provide a service to the community but they're also trying to survive. >> on the back of this fence we're going to put all the items and everything that people can order. >> reporter: alex holt is mapping out how he will launch a drive-thru no-touch market in the parking lot of this flights restaurant in los gatos. >> the order guy will say like red mercedes and we'll bring it up to the red mercedes, knock on the thing, drop it in their trunk, and off they go. >> reporter: a handful of other restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries will offer their goods
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too. as will their restaurant suppliers. the drive-thru market will offer some produce and eggs. the things their local grocery store may be running short of. >> yeah, we do have toilet paper. >> reporter: it's a novel idea, but it's also about survival. >> well, we have to pivot. i have 250 employees. i had to let them all go. the restaurant business is going to literally go under if we don't get this resolved and get some help. it's a very, very dire situation we're in. >> reporter: terry holt owns a los gatos coffee roasting company and says they've all been blindsided. >> we're all scared, and we're all troubled. but we all have to have a sense of humanity. >> reporter: and even as they try to stay afloat themselves, these business owners are raising money too, bringing in more than $30,000 to help feed the needy, like this mom of four who says her supplies are running low at home and got a free meal from the restaurant. >> all right, guys, we've got chicken parmesan, mac and cheese -- >> i was trying to figure out what to make a meal with.
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i don't have noodles. how do i make this work the right way? it helps a lot. >> reporter: now, indeed the owner says he's gotten lots of calls about this. we'll see how it all goes tomorrow. it opens at noon. live in los gatos i'm roz plater, nbc bay area news. sonoma county is asking for the public's help to help collect protective equipment for health care providers and first responders. among the items needed, n95 masks, protective goggles, gloves, and hospital gowns. all the items must be new and in their original packaging. if you are able to give any of these things, you can drop them off at the salvation army on 93 stony point road in santa rosa. they're open monday through friday between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. any corporations wishing to donate can contact the county emergency operations center. a variety of things are being planned to help santa clara county brace for the surge in patients from this pandemic. among them hiring retired health
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care professionals to come back to work. in addition, as we first told you last night, the county could use the santa clara convention center as a temporary hospital. the plan is to be able to take care of up to 250 patients who are not critically ill and do not have covid-19. we're now told this will be staffed by a federal unit with its own staff, equipment, and supplies. the idea is to take pressure off the local hospitals. >> the way that we're looking at this is it's going to be coordinated through the county's eoc. and what that means is that it's going to allow us to take patients that are not infectious or not trauma patients and move them off site so they can be cared for fully as at a mini hospital essentially is how it will function. >> in a briefing today santa clara county officials revealed that it has more than 2500 hospital beds in the county and the potential to add hundreds more. a milpitas crossing guard
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has tested positive for covid-19. city fishlz say the crossing guard last worked march 6th in the area of yellowstone avenue and sequioa drive. the crossing guard is now in the hospital getting treatment. it's not clear how they became infected. new at 11:00, berkeley's largest private employer is setting up to help those impacted by the coronavirus. bayer is donating $250,000 to the berkeley relief fund, which launched in an online event today. well-known berkeley writer michael lewis who wrote "the big short" and "moneyball" post td. local musicians treated the virtual audiences to live performances. berkeley's mayor has set aside 3 million nasdaq public funding to support the initiative. the online fund-raiser is seeking to match that amount. the massive coronavirus stimulus bill is stuck in the senate. a vote to advance the aid package failed tonight. republicans need 60 votes to move forward and they've not been able to win over any democrats, who want to see more worker protections over corporate bailouts.
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the bill includes checks to individuals, help for small businesses, and bailouts for corporations. news of the failure sent u.s. stock futures plunging again. the dow fell more than 600 points, pointing to a monday loss of around 637 points. faced with plummeting ridership bart is cutting back on its schedule during these uncertain times. beginning tomorrow, bart will run trains from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. currently it runs till midnight. then starting on saturday, weekend service will be from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. all riders must be on a train by 8:45 to guarantee a ride to their destination. normal train frequency will remain for now. as you can tell, there is so much covid news to share. one way to stay up to date with it on the very latest is with our daily newsletter. you'll get the headlines right in your inbox. just go to to sign up. still ahead, they're deemed
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an essential service, but tonight new complaints from delivery drivers. what could be putting them at risk and putting you at risk for coronavirus. plus, how to safely bring a package into your home. and the olympics are just a few months away, but one country already pulling out of the worldwide competition. could more be next? what japan is now saying about the move. and after a wild weather day around the bay area we're seeing some cooler changes which may shouldn't you pay less when you use less data? now you can. because xfinity mobile gives you more flexible data. you can choose to share data between lines, mix with unlimited, or switch it up at any time.
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back in washington news that the first senator has tested positive for the virus. senator rand paul did not have any symptoms and was tested out of an abundance of caution. the senator is now in quarantine and reportedly feeling okay. he says he's decided to get tested after attending an event two people later tested positive. rand says he does not believe he had direct contact with either of them. we're hearing some disturbing complaints from delivery drivers about the conditions on the job. and it raises the question, could your packages carry coronavirus? tonight nbc's morgan chesky with how to make sure you stay safe. >> reporter: tonight nearly a million drivers on the job nationwide delivering whatever you ordered amidst rising fears. >> could someone have it? is the packages contaminated? >> reporter: richard hooker says the worry starts in the warehouse, where co-workers say companies are putting them in close proximity to those who
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could carry covid-19. >> no soap, no hand sanitizer. no -- there's no cleanliness at all. but we're essential. now, they're telling us we're essential. >> reporter: drivers used to handling hundreds of packages a day now do so at their own risk. ups veteran nischelle fillmore had to buy her own hand sanitizer and says this new demand is like the christmas rush plus a health threat no one can see. >> at the end of the day do you feel safe? >> well, at this point i don't think any of us feel safe. >> reporter: companies stress they're changing policies. ups stating, "if any employee experiences symptoms such as fever or respiratory infection, they are required to smeekd treatment immediately and not come to work." adding "our vehicles are cleaned and disinfected daily." fedex following suit. suspending requirements for most customers' signatures. stocking hand sanitizer at facilities. and promoting social distancing on the job. doctors say when it comes to your own deliveries leave it outside for 24 hours if you can.
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when you do bring that package inside the safest bet is to start with gloves. then once open don't leave the box laying around. toss it or recycle immediately. as for the contents, a wipedown while not necessary can bring valuable peace of mind. and when you're done don't forget a good hand wash. >> in spite of the fact we know it can survive on surfaces and that contact can be a mode of transmission, the experts still firmly say that the main mode of transmission is via respiratory droplets, not contact. >> reporter: valuable perspective in the fight against a virus that's still relatively unknown. morgan chesky, nbc news. siri, do i have the coronavirus? it's a question you can now ask her on your iphone or watch. apple updated siri to provider users with a step-by-step questionnaire to answer their covid-19-related questions. siri will ask a user if they're exhibiting symptoms and then advise people to call 911 if they have extreme or
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life-threatening symptoms. if it's a mild case, siri will instruct people to stay home and avoid contact with others. san mateo county supervisors are trying to protect people under threat of eviction. it's one way county leaders are trying to help people make it in the bay. on tuesday supervisors are set to consider emergency regulations that would ban evicting tenants who can't make rent and establish a fund to help struggling renters, non-profits, and businesses. the eviction ban could protect as many as 105,000 renters. hayward supervisors are considering a similar ban at their meeting on tuesday. other communities have either enacted or are considering similar moves. a determined group of volunteers spent the day giving important information to homeless people in addition to food and supplies. they met at grace baptist church this morning in san jose to hand out food, masks, soap and many more supplies. to those in need. equally important, they passed along information to ensure the homeless know how dangerous the
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coronavirus is and how to protect themselves from it. >> we realize that the most important things to get them are information and ways to fight the virus because nobody else was doing that. so that's what we did, and we feel like it's important and we're going to keep following up on that. >> there's a lot of -- that come out every two weeks or whenever they need to to let us know stuff. and i hold them close to my heart. they're part of my family. >> the group plans on doing the same thing tomorrow. they're in need of donations such as more soap, water, and food. eating healthy, more important than ever. so the san francisco marin food bank is doing its part to make that a reality. the food bank is running several pop-up pantries throughout san francisco and marin. six pop-up pantries opened last week and seven more opened this week. the reason is because of a number of pantries in its network have had to close in recent weeks. if you want to learn more about this week's pop-up pantries, you can find information on our home page. that's
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need something to smile and feel good about? well, here's something good. richard torres wants to show his appreciation for all health care workers. in front of his san jose home he has a large display in the front yard that reads "our heroes wear scrubs." richard tells us he wants to continually share how grateful he is for the selfless deeds of all health care professionals and first responders. thunder, hail, even funnel clouds spotted in the bay area today. you're looking at a cold air funnel cloud that was seen in the evergreen area of san jose on ruby avenue and tully road. a pretty wild weather in some parts of the bay area this weekend. and particularly today. rob mayeda joins us now with more information on what some people saw but some people didn't. >> yeah, it was really isolated. and that was the big story today. around san jose we certainly saw a lot of activity. up and toward santa rosa too we almost had an inch of rain come down. meanwhile off to the west
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sebastopol virtually nothing. so we'll explain what happened with our atmosphere a little later on. right now 51 degrees in san jose after a high of 68. so it's muggy and mild. the atmosphere had some extra moisture to work with and the heating of the day got involved. mid afternoon. you see this radar loop around san jose. it was that line of showers which did produce that cold air funnel cloud and also earlier around santa rosa you can see the intense thunderstorms which stalled out essentially for a time, which helped drop again just under an inch of rain just south of downtown santa rosa. but the radar right now looks much more quiet. the sun has set. so we have lots of convective firepower for those showers which was one part moisture, one part daytime heating. now the sun is down the convective showers have moved out. however, some of the dynamic lift variety of rain is still happening off to the south. you can see down toward monterey and south of salinas still pretty heavy rain coming down. the focus of today's storm here now moves into sxrernlt southern california as we head into monday. in the morning we'll have a chance of seeing a few showers
1:23 am
mainly south of morgan hill. morning temperatures starting off in the 40s and as we head through the afternoon with the wind shift out of the northwest it's going to feel much cooler with mostly cloudy skies at times and highs in the upper 50s to low 60s. 57 closer to san francisco. closer to 60 in san jose. 58 degrees, closer to oakland. so hour by hour as we head into your monday, not expecting a whole lot for monday morning. similar to what we had today, but unlike today notice the few isolated showers in the future cass for tomorrow aren't orange or red, indicating strong convective heavy downpours. these will be more scattered showers mid-afternoon and probably more so as we get into monday night. what's happening with our next storm system is it's coming down the coast out of the north. that's going to bring the cooler temperatures. but obviously it doesn't really have a lot of rain to work with. at least initially on monday. it's really tuesday and wednesday we're going to begin to see more moisture come in. and i think from tuesday morning to 11:00 wednesday, two-day rain totals each day probably averaging about a quarter inch of rain or so. so substantial when you take those two days together.
1:24 am
and after that, well, that looks like it actually as we head toward the weekend. notice what happens here. next storm system striez to come in on saturday. might be briefly good enough for a stray shower or two north of lake county or mendocino county but it appears now more likely we'll see high pressure strengthening as we get into next weekend. so for tomorrow through the first half of the week we'll be dealing with scattered showers at times. those showers should begin to leave by thursday morning. so then the second half of the week going from the cool and breezy start to a warmer finish next weekend. very likely we could see those highs back into the mid to upper 60s. so short term we'll see a few more showers. but no hail, funnel clouds, and everything else we saw around the bay area today. i think that's behind us now in this next seven days. back to you. >> rob, i'd say rainy weather good day to stay at home. but this week any weather is good weather to stay at home. so thanks so much. >> absolutely. coming up, answering the call. the unique way people are helping the health care industry amid the spread of the virus.
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and even though the number of cases are rising, there's still time for wedding bells. we'll show you how one couple tied the knot while practicing social distancing.
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new at 11:00, a foster city company is temporarily putting its experimental coronavirus drug on hold as more and more people are trying to get their hands on it. gilead sciences is putting its drug remesavir on hold because it wants most people receiving it to take part in a clinical trial to prove it's safe and effective. president trump is one of the ones touting the drug as one of the more promising treatments. gilead wants to change from giving the drug for compassionate use requests to using it in clinical trials.
1:29 am
the company says it would make exceptions for pregnant women and children with severe cases of covid-19. so many unsung heroes are emerging during the pandemic. on a daily basis. among them volunteers offering to do whatever is needed. medical volunteers are mobilizing from california to new york. nurses are coming out of retirement to test people who may have the virus. others going to emergency rooms willing to do anything that is asked. >> i find it enjoyable to, you know, give back. and what i would expect if i needed help. >> i don't want somebody to be there needing help and there isn't anybody to help them. >> most of them belong to a nationwide volunteer group called the medical reserve corps. some couples are deciding to go ahead with their weddings despite social distancing. >> i now pronounce you married! >> in new york a couple tied the knot while standing in the street. their minister four stories up. some couples are setting up online weddings, inviting
1:30 am
friends and family to join via video. a pair of scientists decided to cancel their big ceremony and do something simple and indoors. but when the day came, their family and neighbors surprised them by decking their back yard. the bride's uncle came forward to officiate. >> i felt like we had a wedding day with a reception afterwards. even though we had pizza. >> yeah. >> it was still perfect. >> not what anyone was hoping for. but a love story certainly no one will forget. turning it over to sports now, anthony flores joins us. >> hi, garvin. tom brady. how the patriots said good-bye to the san mateo native. tv just keeps getting better. how you watch it does too. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote.
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the patriots write a thank you letter to tom brady. now, the kraft family who owns the team took out a full-page ad in the "tampa bay times" thanking the san mateo native for his remarkable 20-year run. brady led the pats to nine super bowl appearances, winning six rings and 17 division titles since 2001. the 42-year-old quarterback signed with the tampa bay buccaneers in free agency. brady will not face the patriots until the 2021 season, when the bucs travel to foxboro. all over the country college stadiums like this one in berkeley are empty. the coronavirus has led to the cancellation of spring football practice and team activities really for all student athletes in college. football players like cal cornerback elijah hicks are doing whatever they can to stay active and in shape. >> i'm just doing push-ups, jump ropes, running hills. doing whatever i can to stay in
1:34 am
shape. and you know, it's pretty cool because some of my teammates i see them doing the same thing. it was cool to see. we're all still trying to get better even though we're in these tough times. race fans having a reason to get revved up today. check this out. it's iracing. it looks real, but it's virtual racing with some of the biggest names in nascar. 13 of the top 20 drivers in the cup series were behind the wheel including jimmie johnson, kyle busch, joey logano, and nbc racing analyst dale earnhardt jr. even the crashes look real. now, junior had the lead on the final lap but couldn't hold off denny hamlin. hamlin wins the race and pledges to donate money to assist the people in the miami area. that's a look at sports. more news after the break.
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in the meantime she will be working from home. the seattle area and the bay area, the two leading trouble spots of this crisis. the white house was slow to react, but we've known about this for weeks. did our local leaders wait too long to react? senior investigative reporter stephen stock is working from home and has some answers.
1:37 am
>> reporter: this report from california's state auditor holds many answers about preparedness. the bottom line, this report says california and the local municipalities and counties have a long way to go. >> the images of the wildfires of 2017 and 2018 remain unforgettable. seared into the consciousness of residents who watched their homes burn. those wildfires prompted the state auditor last december to find that california is not adequately prepared to protect its most vulnerable residents from future natural disasters. the auditor said counties hit by those counties "did not follow key practices for emergency planning" and that "each county lacked a complete updated emergency plan." >> i think we all can do better. i know we could use more staff here in our operations center. >> reporter: greg kelly is public information officer for alameda county sheriff gregory ahern, who runs the emergency
1:38 am
operations center there. >> a lot of that is up to the legislature to pass those laws. we would obviously be on board with something like that. >> reporter: while the auditor's report addressed the destructive wildfires, we found it also carries lessons for the current coronavirus crisis. when we called all nine bay area emergency operations offices or went online to view their emergency plans, we discovered a wide disparity in the information available to the public. some plans had not been updated in nearly a decade. other plans linked to further documents that weren't available or had not been written yet. and two counties told us they couldn't share their emergency plans because they included personal information like home phone numbers and addresses of key officials. >> i think there's evidence that california's responding well as a state. >> reporter: dr. arthur reingold is an epidemiologist at uc berkeley's school of public health. despite his praise for the state's overall response to this
1:39 am
pandemic, dr. reingold admits that public health systems and emergency response to large scale crises are in need of improvement. >> the public health infrastructure has been allowed to shrink substantially over the past 10 or 15 years. so that we are left really with a pretty modest capability. >> reporter: both dr. reingold and ray kelly point to the six bay area counties coming together and coordinating their responses about sheltering in place as examples of how to handle a crisis properly. they're already taking note of lessons learned during this crisis to better prepare for the next one. i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. >> if you have a story for our investigative unit, call 888-996-tips. or visit our website, mountain view-based is taking a big step toward helping schools and parents with online learning
1:40 am
during this shelter in place. a few years ago which has been in the online learning service for 15 years made the bold step of offering a free college education to anyone working or living in mountain view. they've since expanded their working scholars program to other communities as well. well, now they're offering 100,000 free licenses to schools to help them during their shutdown. >> it's definitely not a place i expected to find myself or in, and it's really important because it's a national emergency that impacts all of us and it's really a global emergency. our mission has been making education acceptable for the better part of 15 years. but that mission is now more critical than ever. >> ridner says the company is able to manage all this while 100% of its workforce is working remotely during the crisis. a new mexico family found another way to celebrate a huge birthday milestone after the coronavirus scrapped their
1:41 am
original plans. elouisa turned 100 years old this week. family members from all over the country had planned to fly to ab kerrey to celebrate. instead a few family members brought decorations and a lot of spirit to her assisted living window. her daughter longing for the day they can be in the same room again. >> it's been really hard. it's been hard coming to the window and sitting there and writing notes on paper so she could read the notes because she can't hear us. so writing notes on the paper, telling her we love her. >> laba was born in 1920, the same year women got the right to vote. still ahead, believe it or not, people are looking to profit from this pandemic. nbc bay area consumer investigator chris chmura has a new warning about scams. that's next. and the rain has moved out for now. but don't get used to that break. we're tracking more showers and a big cooldown in our temperatures
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1:44 am
lots of new warnings tonight about scammers taking advantage of the virus crisis. consumer investigator chris chmura and his team are tracking the cons in real time. >> let's start with your phone. you might soon get a call like this. >> coronavirus testing more accessible immediately. if you want to receive a free testing kit delivered overnight to your home, press 1. >> sorry, but you can't get a coronavirus test that way. on friday the fcc issued a bulletin spotlighting a surge in
1:45 am
scam calls and texts from people looking to profit off the pandemic. the feds warn be on the lookout for bogus text messages, saying there's a national quarantine and you need to buy supplies. those messages might include links that give hackers access to your phone and data. now to your front door. oakland police alerted us to this one on friday. thieves potentially going door to door claiming to be city workers who were doing covid-19 tests. cops say don't let them in. call 311 to report impostors. our colleagues at telemundo 48 told us they're hearing about scammers who are trying to trick people about the checks the federal government plans to send out. none of that is finalized. so ignore those calls, letters, or knocks at the front door. wait for official word. finally, we got a warning from pg&e on friday. it says crooks are calling to say that they're shutting off your power and spoofing the caller i.d. so it looks like pg&e is actually calling. pg&e says that's not how they do
1:46 am
business. bottom line, be skeptical right now. we've posted all this and more at you can also call us with your consumer tips. 888-996-tips. >> lots to look out for. let's throw it now to rob mayeda, joining us remotely to let us know about the rest of the week's weather. rob. >> yeah, we're watching what's fallen so far this month, and still more showers in the forecast over the next few days. we're going to tally up to see if we've made significant progress on those rain and snow-packed deficits. march is making a bit of a difference. consider these numbers we had around the bay area just two weeks ago. mostly 30% to 40% of average regionwide, now up to 40% of average in santa rosa. generally 40% to 50% around san francisco. over the last two weeks the south bay has made some rainfall gains. the sierra two weeks ago was 38% of average. now that has come up to 49%.
1:47 am
some good news there. and the mid-week forecast. you'll notice for tuesday through wednesday night into early thursday we will see another foot plus of snow, above 5,000 feet. late season snow heading to the high country. right now we're enjoying a bit of a break after all the active weather, the hail, the thunder, the downpours or complete lack of it depending where you were around the bay area. we're seeing more widespread into central and southern california. that's where today's storm is going to make a bigger impact for tomorrow just to our south. as we head into your morning forecast, the scattered showers that we'll see will likely be south. let's see, san martin down into gilroy or south of santa cruz for the morning. and you'll notice a big change in the temperatures. as we go through the day tomorrow, we're going to see northwest winds picking up. that's going to bring in some clouds during the day. before the winds pick up look out for some patchy fog with the recent rain we've had you may encounter that for the morning hours. and then as we head through the afternoon as the winds pick up, highs in the upper 50s to low 60s, that's quite a change from
1:48 am
the upper 60s to even near 70 degree temperatures we had today. so the future cass shows one storm moving out to the south. looks relatively dry for the morning. and for the afternoon we begin to see a few of these isolated showers coming in. but notice that future cass. it's not lighting up in orange or red. no real strong signs of convection like we had today. the amount of press epitaigs we get out of tomorrow's showers expected to be generally looid light. but you can see the trend there. by this time tomorrow night we'll likely begin to see the showers go from isolated to scattered to probably a little bit of rain at times as we get into your tuesday. a little different system too. this is coming in from the north. that's better for snowfall in the sierra 37 it's going to drop our temperatures between monday through about thursday. so our rain totals around the bay area, if you factor in from tuesday, wednesday, all the way through thursday night we're adding this up over three days, you're looking at probably about a half inch for some of the wetter locations of the central and south bay and a quarter inch to i athird of an inch of rain into the north bay, which is
1:49 am
actually pretty typical for march rainfall. as we head toward the weekend, one evening model update change has been to add a little more shower activity up into the north bay. generally areas north of sonoma county now. saturday we'll add in a slight chance of showers. nothing too heavy but not exactly an entirely dry weekend forecast. right now sunday looks to be the dryer of the two weekend days in that forecast. so taking you through the next seven days, not as muggy tomorrow. it will be cooler and progressively breezy as we head through the afternoon. mostly cloudy skies back into the 50s for san francisco. all the way through friday. and as we head toward next weekend we'll watch for the chance of those north bay showers. for the rest of our inland valleys in the bay area tomorrow looks like mostly cloudy skies. wettest day of the week's probably going to be tuesday into part of wednesday. thursday morning the showers begin to move out, and then we'll watch for temperatures climbing into the mid 60s heading into next weekend. so the active march pattern continues. we're just adding up those totals. 5% here, 10% there. hopefully we can keep this trend going and make up some ground as
1:50 am
we finish off the month of march and head into trill. garvin, let's send it back
1:51 am
1:52 am
the meals on wheels delivery food program is getting overwhelmed with requests, especially in the south bay. it comes at the same time that the program has lost a number of its volunteers. but the program recently got a much-needed boost from an unlikely source. the santa clara county sheriff's department. in this story you'll see only on nbc bay area, robert handa shows us something good when he went out with sheriff's units on a very unique deployment. >> reporter: workers at the food basket in san jose preparing food for meals on wheels handed off packages to ten santa clara county sheriff's deputies, who agreed to help the non-profit health trust after coronavirus precautions depleted volunteers. >> in this pandemic we are dramatically ramping up meals on wheels. we need volunteers to help us sort food.
1:53 am
we need volunteer drivers. and we need cash donations. >> thank you so much. god bless you. >> reporter: in all deputies delivered meals to about 40 homebound people. >> i think it's awesome the sheriff's department's stepping in. and for me to get this, i can't survive without my meals on wheels. >> reporter: deputies say volunteering helped lift their own spirits. >> it's definitely an eye opener for me that i didn't realize how much service they're providing to the community, meals on wheels. and you know, this is something very important and an essential part of our community that we need to keep going. >> reporter: recipients definitely agree, especially in the midst of coronavirus fears. >> i'm so happy they're still coming through. it's awesome. i'm blessed. i'm too blessed to be stressed. >> reporter: that is a good thing to hear nowadays, too blessed to be stressed. you just heard my new mantra. in san jose robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> too blessed to be stressed. good for you, robert. we'll be right back.
1:54 am
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1:56 am
finally tonight, when it comes to the coronavirus, the speed of developments can feel overwhelming at times. the changes to life in the bay area and beyond hard to comprehend. we thought then it would be a good time right now to stop, take a moment, take stock of where we are and how we move forward. let's begin by trying to put an uplifting spin on a week filled with unsettling developments. whatever the end date to this crisis is, we are now seven days closer to it. so sure, take a moment to appreciate the fact we've made it this far. but it's no time to celebrate with hugs or high fives, for
1:57 am
obvious reasons. the coming weeks will likely be so much harder. we are still preparing for a disaster that is yet to hit us with everything it's got. so what we need to do tonight is promise each other to be even better. to be even better at keeping our distance from one another and slowing down the spread of the virus. to be even better at understanding we're in this together and taking justice what we need. even better about getting creative to help those who are already hurting and supporting those who are literally putting their lives on the line to save ours. make no mistake. if this crisis were a marathon, we're still just lacing up our running shoes. it's a scary thought, but the only thing scarier would be if we were helpless to do something about it. and we're not. so let's promise each other to
1:58 am
be even better at showing it. >> thank you so much for joining us. and thanks for trusting us to be your source of information during these difficult times. we're going to be right at it again in the morning with "today in the bay" starting at 4:30 in the morning. of course around the clock, 24/7, all our platforms, twitter, facebook and our website,, we've got you covered. have a great night. this sun
1:59 am
2:00 am
shutting down. >> roughly 1 ynr 4 americans ar being told to stay at home. >> talking about tightening the valve more. if the number doesn't slow down, close the valve.okñ we're closing the valve. >> schools, restaurants, businessesi] closing. airports empty. unemployment claims soaring. congress working on a plan to send checks to millions of families, but how much andjf ho soon? >> we need help now.w3 now. give us answers. >> new cases and deaths spiking. here atñi home -- >> this is one of the greatestxd


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